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LED counter from the market leader! As an expert for LED exhibition stands, our range also includes a variety of LED counters, which are ideal as a combination with LED exhibition walls and illuminated walls. Or the LED counter should work alone and is used as an eye-catcher on a trade fair stand, in the showroom or reception area. The range of our illuminated counters is diverse. We offer mobile LED trade show counters that can be transported in a small format and fit into a normal car. Perfect examples are all LED counters of ALU STAR family, which you can see below. We cover a wide range of especially stable LED counters with our OCTAlumina light counters.

Light counters for outdoor use are also becoming more and more popular. Our program also includes many different attractive counters for outdoor use, e.g. for gastronomy & corporate events. All light counters can of course be provided with an individual imprint or a high-quality graphic covering. This will make your LED counter a magnetic attraction at events, trade fairs and functions. Please visit our showroom and convince yourself of the brilliant luminosity and durable quality of our LED counters. Appointments can be made by calling +49 (0) 69 756080-84.


Our LED counters in comparison:


The trade fair counter ALU STAR MAX has a particularly large front surface for optimal placement of logos and individual advertising messages. With a height of 120 cm, this LED trade fair counter is a good 20 cm higher than standard models. The attractive light counter has a depth of 48 cm and is made of B1-certified aluminum. The aluminum profiles, which contain high-power LEDs, are plugged together for assembly. The LED counter can be covered with a personalized imprint on both the front and side surfaces. On the back of the counter is a shelf, which can be loaded with 10 kg.


In addition to the above described LED counter ALU STAR MAX, there is also a lower LED counter model ALU STAR PLUS. ALU STAR PLUS also has a system depth of 48 cm and is equipped with a shelf on the back of the counter. In order for the shelf to be mounted stably, additional aluminum profiles are attached to the system frame at a 90 degree angle and covered with a graphic. A shelf is placed between these two side parts. Since the LED counter is made of a stable aluminum frame profile, the system can be loaded with 30 kg. The counter front surface backed with LEDs has a format of 100x100 cm.

OCTAlumina Counter

Who doesn't know them - OCTAlumina lighting systems are a crowd puller at every trade fair stand. In addition to the large-format LED trade fair walls, there are now also stable LED trade fair counters from the same system family. The OCTAlumina Counter is particularly versatile. It has a high-quality finish and offers plenty of storage space on the back of the counter. Lockable doors protect your personal documents. We do not recommend this LED counter if you want to quickly assemble and disassemble the system on site. It is best to transport this counter model "in one piece". 

OCTAlumina Standing Table

The LED standing table from OCTANORM is the "only one" of its kind! It impresses above all with its customizable covering on all four system sides. The corpus of the LED counter contains a high-performance LED spotlight that illuminates the standing table all around. For assembly, the sturdy aluminum profiles of the counter corpus are screwed together. For this, of course, some additional time must be planned. Therefore, some of our customers transport this model already assembled. The counter top is white and has a dimension of 57 x 57 cm. The height of the bar table is 103 cm.

GRID Lightbox Counter Premium

The GRID Lightbox counter is the only foldable light counter in our program. In most cases it is used together with the foldable LED exhibition wall GRID Lightbox, which is available in system widths up to 300 cm and has the same construction depth as the GRID Lightbox counter. In the system structure, consisting of a foldable scissor grid, an LED curtain is hung on the back, which illuminates the graphic print stretched on the front side from behind. The back of the LED counter can be equipped with up to three shelves. The transport of the quickly assembled light counter is carried out in a transport trolley.


The LED counter PIXLIP GO is made of plastic and is therefore a "lightweight" among our exhibition counters. The counter body consists of a 12 cm wide white plastic profile, which is assembled to a 100x100 cm frame. In the frame there are already installed OSRAM LED modules. The black counter top, with a depth of 40 cm, is simply slid onto the frame. The lightweight ABS plastic profile of the system is, in contrast to aluminum profiles, especially for inexperienced builders more comfortable to handle.


There are various accessories or extensions for our LED counters. Do you need extra shelves for your brochures and giveaways? Or is it particularly important to you that you can store your valuables safely?

Many light counters can be extended with additional shelves, lockable doors and even rechargeable batteries. In addition, most models have practical transport bags and trolleys, which are often already included in the scope of delivery.

There is an add-on for the PIXLIP GO light counter. The PIXLIP light frame is covered with white composite panels that are simply inserted into the profile. Then two stable shelves are inserted. The add-on is available in a depth of 36 cm.

The LED counters ALU STAR PLUS and ALU STAR MAX can be fitted with a rechargeable battery. This means that the light counter can also be used in the middle of an exhibition stand without a cable getting in the way!

The lockable doors for the LED counters ALU STAR PLUS and ALU STAR MAX are brand new in our range. The door set is equipped with a fingerprint sensor. So you can easily open and close the lock with your finger. In the video below, we show you how easy it is to install the doors.


LED counter with invisible battery

An absolute innovation and brand new on the market is the Firefly Counter Battery. This luminous counter has a rechargeable battery integrated into the base with a light output of up to 24 hours. It shines for a whole day at the trade fair and can be placed in the middle of the stand without requiring a power connection. A small display shows the battery status at the push of a button.

The assembly is easy and can be carried out without tools. The LEDs are already pre-assembled in the profiles, which then only have to be plugged together and attached to the base.

The illuminated counter can be covered on both sides with a graphic slide that is simply inserted into the groove of the system frame. With motifs of your choice, you draw attention to yourself from two sides.

Problem-free transport is also taken care of. The entire system technology can be stowed away in transport bags made of canvas with appropriately preformed inserts. This way the counter is well protected on the way and gets safely from A to B.

Outdoor LED counters

In addition to LED counters for INDOOR use, which can be provided with an individual covering, we also offer numerous LED counters for OUTDOOR use. Our outdoor LED counters and luminous bar models are equipped with shapely lines that can be easily integrated into an existing ambience. Different style orientations can be supported by different light colors that can be added to the counter body as needed. All LED counter models you see below are made of polyethylene, a particularly robust plastic. The translucent white plastic is UV resistant, unbreakable and 100% recyclable, as well as temperature resistant from -20°C to +60°C.

Our outdoor LED counters have an unmistakable signal effect, meet every professional requirement and are perfect for your outdoor event with their sophisticated design and practical functionality.

Break Bar

Advantage: Curved LED counter
Material: Polyethylene
Dimensions: W: 175 · H: 110 · D: 75 cm


Advantage: LED counter with noble design
Material: Translucent polyethylene
Dimensions: W: 120 · H: 110 · D: 70 cm

SPLAY Barcounter

Advantage: LED counter by Karim Rashid
Material: Polyethylene
Dimensions: W: 130 · H: 98 · D: 70 cm

Roller Bar

Advantage: Rollable LED counter
Material: Polyethylene
Dimensions: W: 150 · H: 120 · D: 75 cm

LED counter Snack

Advantage: Extendable LED counter
Material: Polyethylene
Dimensions: W: 165 · H: 60 · D: 100 cm

LED counter Jumbo

Advantage: Modular LED counter
Material: Polyethylene
Dimensions: W: 90 · H: 110 · D: 80 cm


In our reference projects for LED counters, we mainly show you exhibition counters that are used in combination with LED exhibition back walls. The combination of LED exhibition walls and LED counters creates an LED exhibition stand, mobile exhibition stand. In most of the projects you can see below, our customers chose LED counters from the same product family as the illuminated walls. Below each picture, you can see the systems that were combined with each other. Except for the stand of Ocean Pharma, all LED counters are mobile models. Ocean Pharma uses the LED standing tables and LED counters from OCTANORM, which are very stable but cannot be assembled without tools.

Windmöller GmbH

PIXLIP GO Add-on LED counter

KURO Kunststoffe GmbH


Körber Pharma Consulting

ALU STAR LED counter

Justizministerium NRW


FairNetz GmbH

OCTAlumina Standing Table

Kohler Co.

ALU STAR LED counter

Mentor Worldwide LLC

GRID Lightbox Counter Premium

Thome-Bormann GmbH


Obst vom Bodensee GmbH


College of American Pathologists

ALU STAR LED counter

Inomed Inc.


Candela Laser Deutschland GmbH

GRID Lightbox Counter Premium

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LED Counter ALU STAR MAX offers an extra large front area to present your company.



This illuminated counter always cuts a fine figure – whether as a counter, reception table or bar.


GRID Lightbox Counter

The ideal complement to our exhibition walls of the GRID Lightbox family.


Break Bar

Modern illuminated bar by Slide-Design – can be used indoors and outdoors.


Break Line

The Break Line illuminated counter is an extension of the Break modular counters.



The ALU STAR LED counter integrates perfectly into your LED exhibition stand.


Roller Bar

The ROLLER BAR is the perfect 1-man-bar with enough space for drinks & glasses.



The ALU STAR LED counter now also available as a "PLUS" version with an integrated shelf.




We are not a run-of-the-mill Internet provider! Your inquiry, whether by phone or online, is very important to us. We will advise you competently and comprehensively about all the LED exhibition stand equipment we offer. In our showroom you can convince yourself of the workmanship and user-friendliness of our exhibition systems. And, of course, your personal contact is always available to plan your project.

In-house production

Only through individual covering can an LED counter become the unmissable focal point of your exhibition stand. So that we can guarantee that your exhibition counter will be equipped with brilliant advertising graphics, all coverings are produced directly in-house. Large format displays for LED illuminated walls are also printed in our in-house production and assembled in the sewing department.

Best quality guaranteed

An LED exhibition counter or an LED exhibition stand is only convincing if the individual display is crisp, colorful and of high quality. We guarantee this with our internal production processes. Before an LED exhibition counter is ready for shipping, it is completely assembled and checked for quality and completeness. So you can be sure that everything is perfect for your trade fair.


Visit our showroom. Here you can see for yourself the appearance, quality and user-friendliness of our LED exhibition counters. Our customer advisors will show you on site how quickly and easily the various illuminated counter models can be assembled and dismantled and which transport cases or trolleys are available.

Graphic design

Our graphic department supports you with the design of your LED counter and of course, if you also need a back wall. We develop layouts, which we coordinate closely with you. Then we create a dimensionally accurate final drawing and the print data for the production of your personalized covering.

Experience since 1964

For over 50 years we have been active in the field of image communication for trade fairs & exhibitions, of which we have concentrated mainly on LED trade fair stands and corresponding accessories in the past 10 years. In the meantime, we are THE specialist in Germany for the development of luminous exhibition stand solutions for the self-constructor!


We offer our customers a full service concept

We are one of the leading suppliers of complex LED exhibition stand solutions and offer a wide range of LED exhibition walls as well as many different LED counters. Of course, we also have trade show booth equipment such as folding displays, back walls, RollUps, brochure stands and display stands available for our customers. Our INHOUSE print production facility produces, among other things, the personalized textile coverings for LED trade show systems, panels for trade show booth technology and banners for RollUps. This enables us to meet even tight deadlines just in time. As a competent partner, we accompany your trade fair stand project with professional support, advise with extensive expertise and ensure the flawless production of your advertising message. Your personal consultant will take care of a quick delivery on schedule and will gladly organize further logistic services on request.

Do not hesitate and contact us at Tel. +49 (0) 69 756080-0.

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